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Areas of application

  • High quality,

    You would like to have a nice vacation home, a modern bungalow or a nice garden house? Are you toying with the idea of buying a mobile home based on the American model? Your club urgently needs a clubhouse?

    With Swiss Modular Building you can fulfill your wish even with a small budget. Our high-quality modular buildings offer the ideal alternative to conventional solid stone construction. The innovative modular solutions are based on high-quality standard modules that are individually designed according to your wishes and needs - flexible, attractive and cost-effective.

    Thanks to the intelligent modular concept, both smaller and larger residential buildings can be realized that can be used as a vacation home, guest house or family home - for many decades to come. And if you want to remain mobile with your living space, you can opt for a module that can be moved.

    Our modular buildings can be calculated precisely and are ready for occupancy after a short construction period. Planning, assembly, construction management and controlling: As a full-service partner, we take on all tasks within the scope of your construction project.

  • Flexible, efficient
    and high quality for
    Your company

    Your company needs additional workplaces, a new workshop or staff accommodation at short notice? Are you planning a chic showroom or would you like to operate a restaurant or hotel in the near future?

    Our high-quality modular buildings based on standard modules offer you a wide range of options in terms of space, equipment and design and can be expanded flexibly, quickly and cost-effectively. This allows us to achieve maximum cost efficiency while maintaining high quality standards.

    With the innovative, first-class modular buildings from Swiss Modular Building, you remain competitive in both the commercial and industrial sectors, both internationally and nationally. Thanks to the use of standard modules, the construction time is significantly shorter than with conventional modular construction, cost efficiency and calculability are higher. Swiss Modular Building guarantees you a professional full service for your building project - from planning to assembly and maintenance.

  • Modular buildings
    for public

    Public institutions are often faced with the challenge of having to provide living or usable space within a short period of time, e.g. to create additional school space for baby boomers or more childcare places in daycare centers at short notice.

    Modular buildings from Swiss Modular Building are the ideal solution for these challenges in the public sector. The high-quality, attractive modular solutions are based on standard modules that can be flexibly and quickly adapted to specific requirements. The intelligent concept offers a great deal of scope in terms of room and house layout, equipment, design and expandability. Due to the high level of standardization, our customers benefit from an extremely short construction period, calculability and cost loyalty. By avoiding long-term construction financing, your risk as a builder is minimized.

    As a full-service partner, we relieve you of the burden of your entire modular construction project - from conception to technical planning, assembly and construction management to maintenance and leasing, we take on all tasks for you.

  • Fast solutions
    for NGO projects

    NGOs are under enormous pressure when it comes to providing premises in areas of operation worldwide. Whether it's short-term disaster relief or long-term commitment, living and usable space usually has to be ready for occupation within a very short time and within an extremely tight cost budget.

    For staff, worker and emergency accommodation, offices, sanitary facilities, canteens, kitchens, workshops, gatehouses and guardhouses as well as training rooms, modular buildings are the optimal, cost-efficient solution. Instead of individual modules as in conventional modular construction, Swiss Modular Building uses high-quality standard modules that can be customized in terms of equipment and design. This innovative construction technique enables short construction times and flexible expandability.

    Extreme climates with high humidity, drought and intense heat, long winters or remote construction sites with difficult logistics: Swiss Modular Building takes the special challenges of NGOs into account. In just a few weeks, affordable living or utility space is created that meets the respective requirements. As part of our full-service concept, we relieve you of all tasks related to your construction project - on every continent.

  • Meet
    all expectations

    Your customers have high quality requirements and want a solution that can be implemented quickly and is highly flexible? Or would you like to keep the planning effort low so that you can also meet your customers' expectations in terms of cost efficiency?

    With Swiss Modular Building you can meet these challenges. Our innovative modular building concept reduces your planning effort to a minimum: While a modular building must be planned elaborately with many individual modules using conventional modular construction methods, we rely on high-quality, attractive standard modules. They form the "shell", which can be designed individually and according to your needs.

    The innovative construction technology offers a great deal of flexibility, a wide variety of design and equipment options, and extremely short construction times. In addition, standardization allows for maximum efficiency in both the planning and construction phases - as a result, modular solutions from Swiss Modular Building are significantly more cost-effective than conventional system modular construction.

    With our network of reliable service providers and suppliers, we guarantee outstanding quality solutions for every area of application. In doing so, we relieve you of all tasks of the entire construction project as part of our full-service model.

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